Acne: Reduce the Pimples

Imagine it is the day of your wedding and you want to look the best you ever have. You go to the bathroom to wash your hands and while looking in the mirror, you notice a big zit on your nose. It is just a zit, and many people's worst nightmare. But, worse then just a zit is having tons of zits all over your face, in which you can't get rid of. Acne-many people deal with this on a daily basis and instead of it just being a single pimple and a one time thing. It is a condition-a skin condition that affects all aspects of their lives on a daily basis.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on the research and development of new products to control and cure this condition. For the consumer with the acne, finding a solution to clear up the condition can be a never ending and expensive process. We see the infomercials on television promising to be the only solution that works and celebrities get endorsed to help sell those solutions. Many times, an individual will end up growing out of their acne condition before even finding a solution that works. Therefore, instead of trying to offer you a solution to the acne condition, I am going to provide some general tips that might help with controlling the acne.

Tip #1
Stay away from the greasy foods. Many times the foods that we eat contain ingredients that are not good for our skin. For example, eating to much McDonalds will eventually show up in your pores. Eating to much chocolate will not only add on the pounds but will add on the zits as well. Try to limit the number of bad foods to control the bad acne.

Tip #2
When wearing makeup, try to wear a limited amount and make sure that it is hypo-allergenic. Do not buy cheap makeup, because a lot of the times, the cheaper makeup has chemicals in it that are not meant to be put on our faces.

Tip #3
At least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, use a facial cleaner that cleans out your pores. Try to purchase a cleaner that is for the oily skin, because most likely, the person with acne has oiler skin. Also, if you purchase an acne solution, make sure that it is dermatologist recommended and that it is used correctly according to its directions on the label. Do not expect your acne condition to clear up over night; these solutions could take a few months before really showing any results.

Tip #4
If nothing else works, you may want to speak with a dermatologist as well as an allergy specialist. The reason you may want to consult an allergy specialist, is because many times acne could be caused by the ingredients in either the food you are eating or an allergic reaction to chemicals you are putting on your skin.

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